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  • archerytag company outing katwijk
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Archery tag - Corporate outing

From € 15 per person. Less than 20 people?
Ask us about the possibilities.

Looking for a unique and exciting way to promote team building with your colleagues? Why not organize a corporate outing to the beautiful beach of Katwijk where you and your team can participate in an Archery Tag competition?

Archery Tag is a unique combination of archery and paintball (without paint), where you and your team members compete against each other in a thrilling and challenging match. Our experienced instructors will guide you and your team and help you learn the right techniques and develop the right strategies.

Corporate Outing Arrow and Bow

Whether you have a team of experienced archers or it's your first time, everyone will have fun with this activity. This is a great way to get to know your team members in a new way and at the same time have an unforgettable experience.

Book your corporate outing now and let your team experience a unique and exciting adventure while strengthening the bonds with each other. Let's fight together for victory on the beach of Katwijk!

What awaits you during this competition between colleagues or friends? After a short explanation of the game, we start with some shooting exercises so that everyone can safely handle the bow and arrow. After that, it's time to shoot at your colleagues.

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