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Expedition RobinSun

From € 20 per person

Adventurous company outing 

During the watching of the popular TV format, everyone has thought to themselves, "I want to do something like that too." This is your chance! Expedition RobinZon Katwijk is a type of survival adventure, but it's our version of the TV show. Play this adventure game under the professional guidance of our instructors. The participants of Expedition Katwijk will be subjected to various tests. The food test, as well as the fire test, and some quiz questions to test intellect, will of course not be missing in Katwijk.

Expedition RobinSun outing

Beleving Katwijk offers three Expedition RobinSun varieties: Budget, Complete and XL. Ask for our brochure and pricelist. Or use the quotation form below to contact us. Drinks afterwards? Or a lovely dinner, party or barbeque at the beach? Tell us in advance. We are a full-service event agency to professionally serve every need. Suitable for large groups. Expedition RobinSun Complete has a maximum of 8 elements. Expandable with extra's (Expedition XL: 10 elements). Or with fewer activities in Expedition RobinSun is our Budget variety: with only 6 elements.

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