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Who is the Jellyfish

From 22,50 per person. Less than 20 people? Ask for the possibilities.

This outing is our version of this popular TV format. It allows you and your team to play "Wie is de Mol" for yourselves. During this corporate outing, you and your team members will be taken on an exciting search for the Jellyfish (our spin-off). Through various tasks and team building activities, you will be able to test your skills in communication, problem solving and teamwork. But be careful, because there is one person in your team who will do everything in their power to mislead and confuse you.

Corporate outing ☀ Katwijk

This corporate outing in Katwijk is a great way to strengthen your team spirit and to challenge the creativity of your employees. It's also a fun and unique experience that you won't soon forget. Are you part of a team looking for a new and exciting challenge? Book our "Who is the Jellyfish" corporate outing now and discover who the mole in your team is. We guarantee an unforgettable afternoon filled with excitement and surprises!

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